Air Duct Cleaning

Clear away the dust and allergens from your ductwork and live in a Jacksonville home that is free of mold and mildew. D&T Air Conditioning and Heating offers a comprehensive approach to air conditioning service and repair. Even the most efficient air handler will have to work overtime to push through the built-up dust and debris that have certainly collected behind your vents. The answer to your indoor air quality problems is air duct cleaning in Jacksonville, FL.

A Whole Home Solution

A sudden spike in your utility costs could be a leading indicator of a problem with your ductwork. As the heat continues to rise during the summer, any noticeable smells are most likely the result of moisture, dust, and even rodent droppings. You shouldn’t have to wait until a member of your family develops respiratory issues before you call our team to schedule air duct cleaning.

An Affordable Whole House Duct Cleaning

Having your ducts regularly cleaned is the smart move. Contact us to schedule air duct cleaning for the whole house and breathe easier.

Improve your heating system efficiency with a free estimate on indoor air quality testing. We proudly serve clients in Jacksonville, Orange Park, St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Nocatee, and surrounding communities.